oil & acryl on canvas_195x125_2011.
Neon Lights (Zepter Collection): oil & acryl on canvas_195x125_2011.


oil & acryl on canvas_145x200_2016.
The Salon (Private Collection, AT): oil & acryl on canvas_145x200_2016.


oil & acryl on canvas_120x160_2011.
Radio Blue(Private collection, RS): oil & acryl on canvas_120x160_2011.


oil & acryl on linen_130x100cm_2012
AM/FM (MoCAB/museum collection)(RS): oil & acryl on linen_130x100cm_2012


oil & acryl on linen_65x160cm_2013.
APRIL (Madlena Zepter Collection): oil & acryl on linen_65x160cm_2013.


oil & acryl on linen_100x140cm_2013
The Third Man (Priv.Coll.Vienna,AT): oil & acryl on linen_100x140cm_2013


oil & acryl on canvas_200x130_2016.
BARROCO (Christen Sveaas Coll., NO): oil & acryl on canvas_200x130_2016.


oil & acryl on canvas_60x85cm_2012.
Lost In Translation (C Sveaas Col.): oil & acryl on canvas_60x85cm_2012.


oil on canvas_200x145cm_2011.
Easy (National Museum VR. Col. /RS): oil on canvas_200x145cm_2011.


oil,send & acryl on linen,380x190cm
The Enclave (2017): oil,send & acryl on linen,380x190cm


oil on canvas_65x80cm_2011.
Blue Seed (Private collection, RS): oil on canvas_65x80cm_2011.


oil on canvas_50x85cm_2012.
Indigo Night: oil on canvas_50x85cm_2012.


oil on canvas_60x80cm_2006.
THE SECRET (Private collection,DE.): oil on canvas_60x80cm_2006.


oil & acryl on canvas_120x90cm_2016
Untitled: oil & acryl on canvas_120x90cm_2016


oil on canvas_60x80cm_2006.
DR06-Z (Belgrade City Collection): oil on canvas_60x80cm_2006.


oil on canvas_200x165cm_2006.
The BoomRoom (diptych): oil on canvas_200x165cm_2006.


oil on canvas_120x100cm_2010.
15:17(Culture Ministry purchase): oil on canvas_120x100cm_2010.


oil & Acryl on canvas_95x155cm_2011
The Morning (Private Collection,RS): oil & Acryl on canvas_95x155cm_2011


oil & acryl on canvas_120x90cm_2011
The Showroom: oil & acryl on canvas_120x90cm_2011


oil & acryl_canvas_120x155cm_2009.
THE LAMP (Private collection): oil & acryl_canvas_120x155cm_2009.


oil on canvas_160x65cm_2009.
WATERY(Private collection, Leipzig): oil on canvas_160x65cm_2009.


oil on canvas_32x45cm_2005.
Medusa: oil on canvas_32x45cm_2005.


oil & acryl on canvas_150x100_2008.
Blue Fish: oil & acryl on canvas_150x100_2008.


oil on canvas_280x166cm_2008.
SUNDAY AFTERNOON (Private Col.,DE.): oil on canvas_280x166cm_2008.


oil & acryl_canvas_220x145cm_2006.
Don't Worry Everything's GonnaBe OK: oil & acryl_canvas_220x145cm_2006.


oil on canvas_100x150cm_2006.
NIKE (Private collection): oil on canvas_100x150cm_2006.


oil & acryl_canvas_100x150cm_2006.
BELO (Private collection, Berlin): oil & acryl_canvas_100x150cm_2006.


oil on canvas_355x220cm_2016.
RGB (triptych): oil on canvas_355x220cm_2016.


oil on canvas_90x140cm_2006.
THE LITTLE PRINCE (Priv.collection): oil on canvas_90x140cm_2006.